Certified Whetstone- Hard Red Winter 

Medium tall plant height, high yield potential, strip rust resistance, excellent protein and quality.

For more information visit: https://agriprowheat.com/wheat-variety/pacific-northwest/whetstone

Willow Creek- Forage Winter Wheat

Awnless forage winter wheat, good rotational crop for alfalfa, with yields reaching 2.2-4.1 tons per acre. 

For more information visit: http://www.agriculture.com/crops/wheat/production/top-fage-winter-wheat_145-ar42670

Certified Winter Wheat

Certified Fou O Six - Hard Red Winter 

Semi-dwarf height with excellent straw strength, early maturing, with good protein. 

Certified Ray- Forage Winter Wheat

New from MSU, Ray is a replacement for Willow Creek. High yield potential excellent standability, and dual-purpose, making it ideal for ranchers and farmers