Oyster Shell

Good egg shell quality starts with the feed.  Oyster Shell provides a quality calcium source to improve your chickens shell strength.

Roaster Booster

If you are looking for a chicken feed to put weight on your meat birds look so further!  Roaster Booster is fed as a sole source of nutrition to maximize gain.  Containing no hormones or medication it can be fed right up to the day of slaughter.

Chick Starter

For an animal to be successful they need the right start Chick Starter will do just that.  This all natural chick feed can be fed as a complete feed from 1-6 weeks of age.

Omega Veggie Layer

Omega Veggie Layer is to be fed as a complete feed for your chickens with an extra kick! Besides providing your laying hens with the best nutrition available this feed is also formulated with vitamin E, lutin, and ground flax which has added benefits for you when you enjoy the eggs!

Hen Scratch

Made from the best corn and wheat, Hen Scratch is to be fed with a high quality protein such as the 20% Veggie Layer.  Hen Scratch can also so used at times when they are not laying.

Pullet Developer

Help give your pullets the start they need to be a great layer.  Pullet Developer maximizes the birds development and should be fed up until egg production starts.

18% Veggie Layer Crumble/Pellet

18% Veggie Layer is to be fed along with cracked corn or scratch grain. Oyster Shell should also be provided. 

Feed Wheat

Grown and cleaned by us here at Lake Seed Inc. Feed Wheat is a great, high protein feed for any type of bird. 

Organic Chicken feed is available upon request.