Fairway Crested
Long lived, perennial bunchgrass that has a deep root system.

Nordan Crested
Long lived, drought tolerant grass that is winter hardy.

Hycrest Crested
High yielding pasture grass with good palatability.  

Oahe Intermediate
High seed yields, drought tolerant, uniform growth makes it good for hay production. 

Rush Intermediate
High forage and seed production makes this variety ideal for hay production.

Manska Pubescent
Provides high nutritional value as well as high forage and seed production.

Luna Pubescent
Fast establishment, high seeding vigor and good forage production makes it ideal for grazing livestock.

Grows well with legumes, it is highly palatable and high in protein making it great for hay production.

Long lived, deep rooted, sod forming grass ideal for hay production.

Fleet Meadow Brome
Highly palatable makes good hay for all classes of livestock, extensive root system is good for erosion control.


Late maturing hay-type orchardgrass.

High yield early maturing pasture grass.  Does better is a monoculture hay program. 

Early maturing dryland orchardgrass, works good in high elevation.


Fawn Tall Fescue
Low maintenance, heat and foot traffic tolerant.

Hard Fescue
Long lived, drought tolerant, hardy grass.  Stand usually increases with age.

Durar Hard Fescue
Typically used for a low maintenance cover crop.  Also used to stabilize ditch and roadsides.

Sheep Fescue
Typically not used for grazing or hay production, this dwarf bunch grass is great for erosion control.

Covar Sheep Fescue
Typically not used for grazing or hay production, this dwarf bunch grass is great for erosion control.


Climax Timothy
Very palatable, high yielding, high protein forage.  Great for grazing and hay production.

Tuukka Timothy
Superior leaf to stem ratio, provides excellent forage production.

Multipurpose grass is used for grazing and hay production as well as erosion control.

Reeds Canary Grass
Wetland tolerant, long lived perennial.  Works good when grazing areas to wet for hay production.

Russian Wildrye
Highly palatable, long lived, dryland grazing forage.

Garrison Creeping Foxtail
Highly palatable, rapid regrowing grazing forage.

Teff Grass
Fast growing, high yielding hay forage great for all classes of livestock.

Sherman Big Bluegrass
Long lived perennial grass used for dryland hay production and soil stabilization.

Elkton Blue Wildrye
Short lived perennial typically used for erosion control.

Perennial Ryegrass
Turf Type

Developed for irrigated pastures.

AC Saltlander
Drought tolerant, pasture grass handles intensive grazing while keeping high palatablity.

Non-native Grasses