Foal Starter and Developement 

A balanced ration of whole oats, steam-rolled corn and potein pellets, this highly palatable feed is sure to help your foal reach its full potential. 

Hose Power GR/Horse Power AL

Horse Power GR and AL is a pelleted feed formulated for your performance horses.  Ground flax provides a supplemental fat that is high in Omega 3 and DHA for a healthy coat, energy and joint lubrication.  Horse Power GR is designed to be fed to horses with a grass hay diet.  Horse Power AL is designed to be fed to horses with an alfalfa diet. 

Equine Silver

This apple flavored grain is a great source of vitamins and minerals for your mature horse.  A blend of whole oats, steam-rolled corn and barley, supplemental vitamins/minerals pellets and alfalfa pellets is mixed and coated with molasses and vegtable oil to provide a palatable feed.  

Super Senior

This feed is designed for your aging horse.  It is perfect for horses with worn or absect teeth or an aging digestive system that makes it hard to recieve all neccesary nutrient requirments. Keeping your old horse in mind Super Senior is formulated with glucosamine, extra protein, and high quality fiber to keep them in good health.

Complete Feed

Equine Complete Feed provides a balanced ration of nutrition.  This pelleted feed comes in either a 1/4" pellet or a 3/4" pellet.  Always noxious weed free and provides a adequate amount of roughage. 

Packer Pellets

Perfect for your hard working trail horse.  This grain based, high energy feed is ideal for out on the trail, or as a treat.

Three Way

This basic horse feed is a blend of steam-rolled corn, oats, and barley.  Three Way is a great general purpose feed.  It can come coated in molasses and vegtable oil or plain.  


Equilix Tubs

This convenient free choice tub is designed to minimize the need for a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.  Equilix tubes effectively improves hooves, hair coat, joint lubrication, feed utilization, and reduction of gastric problems.  They come in either a 50# tub or a 125# tub.

Hoof & Hair Dietary Supplement

With the necessary vitamins, mineral, biotin, and Omega 3s your horse will recieve everything it needs for a shiney coat and strong hoofs your farrier will love.

Tubs and Supplements

Carb Sense

If your horse is dealing with obesity, Cushings Disease, HYPP, or PSSM you have found the perfect feed.  This low non-structural carbohydrate is formulated to address all these health issues.