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Irrigated Alfalfa


Medium to late halest maturity, traffic, salinity, and grazing tolerant.  Produces exceptionally in the Great Plains and Intermountain areas.

  Cert. Wrangler

High protein levels, good fall dormancy.

Pro Brand Alfalfa

High yeild potential with high grazing tolerance and palitability.  Good drought tolerance and fast establishment.

Dryland Alfalfa

Big Sky Ladak

Excellent drought tolerance, higher yield than Ladak, adaptive to various soil structures.

               Clover & Sainfoin

Medium Red                               Ladino
Alsike                                          White Dutch
Mammoth Red                          Y.B. Sweet
Birdsfoot Trefoil                    Berseem
Eski Sainfoin                            Remont Sainfoin
Shoeshone                               Dixie Crimson
W.B. Sweet                              Lutana Cicer Milkweed